Polynesian wedding ceremony on a beach in Moorea
Polynesian wedding ceremony on a beach in Moorea

How we work?

We work in family and surrounded with friends. We take the time to get to know you as a couple, understand your wedding day goals and adventure level, to create a personalized unforgettable wedding. So whether you're planning to elope just together or bring 20 or 50 of your closest friends and family or for your vow renewal, we are excited to help you wed in our beautiful island. We want to be part of this unforgettable moment as if you were part of our family. 

Who are our couple?

They are so in love, passionate and think out of the box!

Your once in a lifetime experience in a foreign country need to be authentic and unforgettable! Combining your wedding day and your honeymoon for a unique private event in the midst of experiencing a new country and culture very far away from stress and months of preparations.

If you are coming here it's because you want something else than weddings in hometowns or a destination weddings in an all-inclusive resort.

  • You're a couple who is not traditional or follows "the token rules."

  • You have a thirst for curiosity and discovering another culture: the Polynesian one!

  • You are seekers of experiences, not things!

  • You yearn for unusual, exhilarating experiences and love to laugh.

  • You want something intimate far from tourists.

  • You like simplicity, joy, life!

  • You want beautiful memories.

And what about us?


La Conceptrice

After years in France, Mayotte, New Zealand, and Tahiti, I live now between Canada and Moorea, in French Polynesia with my husband Samuel who is always here to support me and to listen to our crew too. 

We choose this island several years ago with my husband for the authenticity and wild landscapes, it's a perfect mix between lagoon and mountains! I already organized more than 40 destination weddings for couples who came from all over US (California, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Hawaii), from Canada (British Columbia, Ontario), New Zealand, Australia, Lithuania, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, Taiwan, Qatar, India, Argentina, Brasil....

I have a Bachelor degree in Travel and Tourism and one in Wedding and Events but it's my first job, Photographer, who gives me the real experience of a wedding.

The idea for the company was conceived when Jenavi, one of my beautiful brides from Maui, Hawaii, changes the date of her wedding to have us as a Photographer. She wanted a Polynesian wedding in the pure tradition and make the travel from Hawaii with her family for that but she didn't want to go to a resort. She found a house to rent near the ocean, a private home for all guests, they were around 10 with kids and her 2 boys. She changed the date she had in mind for us and her request as so meaningful to me! So I proposed her to take that on me and organize a Polynesian ceremony at her place with a Polynesian dancing crew, Tahitian Officiant, flowers and vegetal ornament on the garden, also makeup artist and caterer to have nothing to prepare!

After the wedding, I received a lot of my customers who ask for advice to have an intimate and authentic wedding here, I decide I have to create also a wedding planner company! Thanks, Erika to pushing me to do that ;)

My aim is to connect my bride and groom from overseas with local people and local artists like dancing crew, catering, makeup artist etc... I know all my partners very well, for me it's important to know them, who they are like I like to discuss a lot with my bride/groom!

I also want to propose a cozy, intimate, personal wedding in stunning places, near crystal water and flowers everywhere! 

A real Polynesian Wedding that doesn't look like a carbon copy of everyone else's wedding! More than a wedding I want my guests to have an experience, a once-a-life experience by meeting a different culture, in a different country with people they love! 


La Coordinatrice

Heimata's family has been growing up with Tahitian music and dance. Her father was a compositor and choreographer, famous in the beautiful Moorea. Now, Heimata is taking back the familial tradition by creating beautiful Polynesian dances thanks to her husband who is in charge of music. 

Dancers are members of the family too. This dancing team is a love and family story that grow up out of Resort. 

The creator of the concept Wedding Polynesia, Virginie and her husband Samuel were sure about the authenticity of this crew after seeing there for the first time, dancing into the familial yard, 4 years ago.

They found with them the crew they always want to have, to offer happiness to couples who come from all around the world to get married in Tahitian islands. 

For now, we are really happy to propose you this team for a wedding, and exclusively for our clients who come directly to us.