Say "I do" feet into the water.



That's so sweet...

Ukulele song

Just musicians, flowers crowns, flower necklace, fresh coconut to drink and floral decor on the beach. 

It's your turn to pronounce vows or say again how much you love her/him

Coconut water

Same package but this time with our Tahitian Priest to bless you with coconut water, wrap you in the "tifaifai" (kind of big cover to say you are now one) and a beautiful tropical flowers bouquet for the bride (or for brides)

Let's dance !

Let's add some dance for the ones who want to experience more the Polynesian culture! You might like to join but it's also ok to just watch no worries :) We are in a family there, you do what you want.

They are on fire!

This ultimate package is perfect for you if you want to end this amazing experience with the famous Tahitian fire dance!  

Tahitian Workshop

Option to add to your ceremony, to know how to make a beautiful fresh flower crown, how to open a coconut and keep all your fingers, how to make coconut milk, how to play ukuleles and even how to move your hips as a Tahitian vahines.

Photo shoots

It's once-a-lifetime travel so why not remember it thanks to a photo shoot. We highly recommend you SV Photograph who will guide you on the most beautiful and wild places. Contact them for your wedding in Moorea or just for a fun and adventurous shoot together!

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